IDLE – Python’s inbuilt editor

While installing python I told you about python editor, Python comes with an inbuilt editor called IDLE. If you are using windows you can simple press windows button and search for idle, for MAC and Linux user run command idle3.5 or idle3. This will open your IDLE – Python’s inbuilt editor.

IDLE looks like this.

In this editor you can’t save your file but can run your commands and check them i.e

this is a great way to test your code.

But I want to save file.

To save file you need to create a file. Goto file >> new file or you can use shortcut for MAC press command+n for windows ctrl+n. This will open a new file. You can write your code there and save it.

Run the code

Once you have written all code in your file just press “F5” it will run the code. Python can only run the code on file which is saved if you haven’t saved the file and running the code IDLE will ask you to save the file. Once saved it will run the code in IDLE.

If you don’t want to use IDLE you can use atom or notepad++ as per your OS.

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