SETUP – Python Installation

This is our very first chapter. In this Chapter we will learn about Python Installation. I will provide you instruction to install in both MAC and windows. I suggest you to install the with same way as I do, otherwise we may have different version of python leading changes in configuration. Python currently have 2 Major versions Python 2 and Python 3. Currently Python 2 is outdated and no more supported but still a lot of communities use it and lots of new softwares are written daily in this. For our tutorials we will use python 3.

Before you start with it I suggest you to get knowledge about your OS’s shell, i.e CMD/Powershell for Windows or Terminal for MAC or bash for Linux.


Latest python released is Python 3.6 but not all the modules are available for it. So, we will use Python 3.5.3  Inbuilt module (supplied with installation module) are same in both so same code will work in both version. The only difference is that Version 3.6 doesn’t have to many open-source modules as 3.5 have.


For code writing Python comes with a default editor called “idle”. But we can use different editor if you are not comfortable with its not good looking design. Although we will be using idle for our all chapters.  Some other great editors are for windows notepad++ or for linux “VIM” I have MAC so I use “attom” this is a great editor.

MAC and Linux comes with python2 preinstalled and we need to install python 3 over it, we will not remove python2. Windows doesn’t come with python preinstalled so they can use python command to run python3 but for MAC and Linux user they have to use python3 command for same.

Python Installation in Windows

Download Installer and Install

First you need to download installer for windows you can download it from Windows x86-64 executable installer. Or you can visit and download other. I suggest you to use the installer with link I provided so that our version of Python will not mismatch.

Once Installer is downloaded install it with below options:-

Check mark “Add Python 3.5 to PATH”, this will help us to use python command anywhere in CMD without giving full location of python executable file. (don’t worry you will understand it soon)

Next in advance options select:-

Click on install and finish installation.


Once installed we need to verify the installation, to do so open CMD and run command

python -V

this should give you python Version as output. Windows user can use python command to run python.

Python Installation in MAC

Download installer and install

To download install visit and download package as per your need. Once downloaded install it with simple installation steps of package.


To verify installation, open terminal and run command

Python3 -V

This should gives you output of your Python3 Version, if you use simple Python command instead of Python3 it will give python 2 version as output


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