Learn Python 3

Learn Python 3. I have created a python book for those who want to learn python3. Python is very easy language which requires basic computer knowledge. At the end of every chapter I have provided a exercise also.

What should I know about programming to learn python 3?

All you need is a running computer. Yes, Thats it only a computer is required to learn python.

How long it will take?

I have designed this course with 24 chapters, if you are a slow learner you can do 1 chapter per day or if you are fast learner you can go with 2 chapter a day. I suggest you not to do more then 2 chapter a day. Make sure you do practice of all chapter to get more understanding of functions and features. For now only 24 Chapters, but more are coming in future regarding django and desktop graphical applications.

What if I have a doubt?

Well I am here to help you. You can ask question in comment box of every chapter where you get doubt. Further I have created a forum where you can ask me any question..


  1. The Setup.
  2. First Program. 
  3. Numbers And Math.
  4. Variables And Names.
  5. IDLE Python’s Inbuilt Editor
  6. More Variables And Printing.
  7. More Printing with Python
  8. Asking Questions.
  9. Parameters, Unpacking, Variables.
  10. Reading Files.
  11. Reading And Writing Files.
  12. Names, Variables, Code, Functions.
  13. Functions And Files.
  14. Functions Can Return Something.
  15. What If functions.
  16. Else And If functions.
  17. Exercise 1
  18. Python Error Handling.
  19. Python String Functions
  20. Loops And Lists.
  21. Python for-loop and files
  22. While Loops and GAME.
  23. You Make A Game.
  24. What’s Next

Note:- All chapters are in English and Hindi both you can change language of any chapter while reading also, I have put a link to convert chapter in Hindi of every post.