Python – Error Handling

In our last exercise we scripted a software to order pizza. That was a huge code until now. Sometime while making big code like that we can make some mistake. Some time a user can enter wrong values which can cause error. e.g we asked for numerical values for math algorithm and user enters a alphabet. Or this could be any issue. To solve error like these we use Python error handling functions “try:except”. They work more like “if-else” but instead of condition in “if”¬†function,“try” function¬†check if code is executed without error.

Let’s see and example to understand this better.

a = input("Enter first number\n>")
b = input("Enter second number\n>")
    print(int(a) + int(b))
    print("One or more values are not numeric")

In first 2 line we are taking input from users. Note “\n” in input function this is used to create an “>” prompt for user in next line.

Run the code

Now run the code and try passing different values.

Error Handling - Python


Its important to handle error and pass some message. And “YES” you can use nested try:except as if:else.


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